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i hate small children in theory because they are loud and covered in something sticky and disgusting but in reality they show me their macaroni art project and i cry

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I am a mature adult doing mature adult things.

This deserves so many more notes


steve and bucky going to an animal shelter for some reason and steve being very clear that we are not here to get a dog and bucky wanders off and steve finds him about twenty minutes later sitting on the floor playing with a little three-legged puppy and bucky looks up at him and steve just sighs like goddammit

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practical uses for men

literature at its finest

Damn I just wanted ramen, not an existential crisis

stay away from my children

After a lot of rain here in FL these baby frogs appeared. They eerily all faced the same direction.


The only advantage to having a thigh gap is being able to store your jar of gummy bears in there

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  • Brendon Urie AFYCSO era: 'Good evening ladies and gentleman! We're Panic! At The Disco, thank you so very much for attending this evening'
  • Brendon Urie now: 'Whats up you fucking cheese steaks?'
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